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SGS Capabilities:


*Managed Services

SGS Managed Services offers our clients the ability to be proactive in responding to changing requirements and identifying cost effective technical solutions.  We can support your entire Information Technology infrastructure whether your equipment is located onsite at your facility or hosted by SGS or an outside data center.   We can offer a hybrid solution approach where we host some or all of your software, servers or other equipment.   Flexible solutions represent an efficient way to keep your technology current and allow your company to grow without worrying about its IT department.  We can provide 24/7 Desktop support services, server and network management for your current or planned infrastructure.  Our trained architects work with your organization to determine a plan of action that will best support your operations.


*Open Source Support

Open Source Support, you get much more than bug fixes, you receive around the clock access to Tier 2/3/4 open source Architects ready to support, consult, and educate your team in solving issues across your entire software sack and development lifecycle. Our vendor-neutral, unbiased support covers hundreds of open source software packages used in mission-critical production environments that include:

  • Guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs) with all support contracts
  • 12x5 Silver Support or 24x7 Gold Support with around-the-clock coverage
  • Access to Tier 3/4 open source architects and a dedicated Linux development team
  • The confidence to troubleshoot production issues, optimize performance, and complete system upgrades
  • The experience to assess projects, perform architecture and security reviews, hold on-site classroom training, and create technical white papers
  • Available support for Linux with a dedicated development team providing patches and hot-fixes 

*Cloud Computing Services

SGS provides Cloud Computing Services so you can outsource information technology (IT) systems and functions. Since we own and oversee the infrastructure our customers can be confident that their software and administrative tasks and system availability are guaranteed in a dedicated hosting environment that is tailored to your organization in the following areas: 

  • SAAS – Software as a Service
  • IAAS – Infrastructure as a Service
  • PAAS – Platform as a Service

∙Proposal Development:

If you are trying to push out more request for proposals or requests for quotes this service is for you.  SGS advises clients on technical and functional content within the proposal or quote.  We offer assistance with writing the proposal in whole or in part based on your customer requirements.



We will partner with companies such as yours to deliver products and services.   We can provide technical expertise to federal, state and local government’s end users clients or public/private consumers. 


∙Placement Services: 

We specialize in the recruitment and placement of IT and non-IT professionals when companies like yours are considering recruiting or have particular business requirements that need to be addressed.


∙Technical Review Services:

SGS will do a thorough and diligent review of a prospective candidate prior to a hiring or investment decision.  This is separate from the placement services and would be beneficial for candidates provided by your company.

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